Partner Assault Response Program (PAR)

The Partner Assault Response Program is a specialized educational counselling program currently for men who have been physically violent and/or emotionally abusive or controlling towards a spouse or intimate partner. 

In Ontario, PAR programs are part of the Domestic Violence Court Program. This initiative provides a coordinated criminal justice system response to domestic violence. Following a guilty plea or a finding of guilt, a judge may order the offender to attend counselling as a condition of Probation, Bail or other court order. This program is also audited by Ministry staff to make sure it complies with Provincial Standards. 

As a client...

We believe that most PAR clients would like to be respectful and caring partners. However, we realize that sometimes they don't act this way. What stops them from being an equal, non-abusive partner? Do they put their needs ahead of those of their partner and make excuses for the abuse by blaming their partner? Do they blame jealousy, anger or alcohol for the abuse?

PAR program facilitators are professionals who will treat you with respect. At the same time, they will also challenge you to take responsibility for your behaviour. In this program you can expect to learn:

  • What abuse is and how it affects your partner and children.
  • That you made a choice to be abusive.
  • How your beliefs and attitudes have been used to justify abusive behaviour.
  • Why you sometimes don't treat your partner with respect.
  • Different ways to handle conflict. 

As a partner your safety is our primary concern...

You are not to blame for the abuse. You may feel that if you had only acted differently he would not have been abusive. This is not true. An important message of the PAR program is that your partner of former partner is the only one responsible for the abuse. 

If your current of former partner is attending the PAR program, you will receive:

  • A minimum of 4 contacts with one of our trained clinicians during the 16 weeks of the program. If you wish not to be contacted please let us know. 
  • Help with safety planning.
  • Information about how the PAR program works. 
  • A phone call if program facilitators ever have any concerns about your safety. 
  • Information about community services that may help you and your children. 
  • Access to unlimited individual counselling services.

Please note that not all clients will stop their abusive behavious, attending the PAR program is not a guarantee of safety. 

To participate in this program you must first register to one of our monthly group intakes by calling 705-267-7333. 






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