Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Work Life BalanceEveryone will experience difficulties at one time or another in their life. When a personal problem is making life difficult for an employee, it can also affect job performance. Helping people deal with these issues is what the Employee Assistance Program is all about. Our professionally trained clinicians help to talk over concerns and begin to find solutions. Our services remain confidential and there is no cost to you. 

 What can the Employee Assistance Program offer you?

  • This program helps individuals cope with personal problems and go beyond difficult times;
  • Help find meaningful solutions;
  • Help enhance communication skills;
  • Enhance mental and physical health;
  • Improve relationships;
  • Help with pressures at home or in the workplace;
  • Conflicts with co-workers and/or family member...

Our programs and services are available by appointment only. Please call to schedule an intake appointment.

To find out if we are the EAP provider for your company please consult with your HR department.