1. How much does it cost for counselling?Frequently Asked Questions

- Everyone must set up an individual intake appointment in order to determine their counselling needs and preferences. The individual intake appointment can be scheduled over the phone with our receptionist or in person, this appointment is free of charge for everyone. Once we complete your intake assessment we are then able to determine if you qualify for any of our programs either through your EAP, Ministry funding or through your health benefit providers. Due to funding requirements, not everyone will qualify therefore fees may apply. Upon scheduling your initial counselling session following the intake appointment, our receptionist will clarify should any fees apply to you.  

2. How can I pay for counselling?

- We currently accept cash or cheques;
- We do not accept debit or credit cards at this time

3. Who can get counselling?

- Individually, anyone 12 years of age or older;
- We work with children under the age of 12 in family settings.

4. Where is the Centre located?

- We are at 60 Wilson Avenue, Suite 310, situated on the third floor of the G.R. Bélanger complex in Timmins, Ontario.

5. How many sessions can I have?

- This depends on how many sessions you may need, what the maximum number of sessions are available through your EAP, or how many sessions are available in whatever program you may be in. For further information concerning exactly how many sessions you are entitled to, you may contact the Centre or the human resources department of your workplace. This information is also provided during the intake appointment. 

6. How many sessions do people usually need to reach their objective?

- There is no single answer to this question. Simple situations need fewer sessions to resolve than more complicated situations. This is something which can be addressed with your clinician at your initial counselling session. 

7. Will anybody know I am in counselling?

- Our records remain confidential and kept secure under lock and key. While we must report to the appropriate authority if a client poses a threat to himself/herself or others, or if we become aware of any form of harm to children, all other information is strictly private and confidential.

8. What kind of problems can you help me with?

- Individual, marital and family problems are all addressed by our professional clinicians. We deal with a wide variety of issues, including but not limited to, anger management, anxiety, depression, domestic/family violence, grief, life crisis, sexual assault. For more, please visit our Counselling page under our Services heading.   

9. What are the qualifications of the clinicians?

- Our objective is that clinicians have at least a Master's degree in psychology, social work, counselling, or a related field. For more, please visit our About us page. 

10. Is there a cost related to an inquiry for service?

- No. We are happy to help determine if you are entitled to a service and make suggestions if you are not.




Timmins Family Counselling Centre
60 Wilson Ave., Suite 310
Timmins, ON
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